A Sure Bet: Introducing the Back End Team

Editor's Note:  This is the first in a short series of team introductions.  The PDL is made up of several smaller teams with a technology focus.

As the "backend team" (BET) for the Purolator Digital Lab we are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the micro-services, API endpoints, and database functions that make up the behind-the-scenes services of the Delivery Pro application.

We work closely with both the front-end team and the ARIES team. Our front-end peers rely on us for the information that is required by their applications, and we rely on the ARIES team to ensure that the infrastructure is running at peak performance.

Our days are filled with varying tasks: designing and implementing new features, hunting down and resolving bugs, as well as taking the time to learn new things along the way.

BET Award for Excellence in Cloud Functions
BET Award for Excellence in Cloud Functions

Today the BET🌟 consists of 3 amazing developers: