Applied Research & Innovation: growing the Digital Lab

The mission of the Digital Lab within Purolator is to enable strategic change with technology and innovation.  In this first year, our focus has been on the development of software and engineered solutions.  The vision has always been to impact more deeply: support the growing parcel network with research, partnership (including with industry groups and academic institution), and evaluation of technology we don't build in-house.

To support that, we'd like to welcome our new team, Applied Research & Innovation to the Purolator Digital Lab!   "AR&I" is formerly the Business Research and Development team from Purolator Operations department, and continues to be led by R&D powerhouse Khelil Khelil, 40 year veteran of consultancy, research, and innovation management.

Khelil, as well as Research Lead's Serbo Dimic and Christian Couture, joined the Digital Lab in April 2022.  The team has many wins under its belt, including piloting autonomous robots, inflatable terminals, augmenting sorting with wearable technology, and optimizing the design of the parcel network itself.

Our team is growing and changing -- branching out into research and more advanced engineering practices. This will bring with it new roles, new opportunities, and new blog articles, highlighting publications and co-operative studies with organizations like the  University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute.

Welcome to our new team-mates!