Next-generation of Drop-Boxes: Project ThunderBox

Unattended mailboxes or drop-boxes are a staple of shipping things. They are often conveniently located, available 24 hours, and give that rewarding thunk when you drop off a parcel / check off your to-do list.

Purolator has approximately 220 drop boxes deployed across Canada, with plans to grow the fleet for the 2021 peak season, as well as modernize the drop box.

The Product Engineering team of Anreet and James are working with our friends in Purolator Retail to design and prototype an improved customer and operational experience: consider security, usability, find-ability, brand presence, and leverage smart sensors to provide operational data.

Lots of exciting questions. Can we inexpensively alert that a drop box is almost full? Can we passively detect an attempted break-in or tip-over? Can I ask Siri where the closest drop box is for my return? Can we use solar power for the electronic components, even in the winter?

Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

Update As of January 2022,the pilot for Quick Stop Box is live.